Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is a special places for the best and brightest of FSN to be acknowledged for their contributions to our community. This program took us awhile to get launched but in June 2020 we got the logistics in place. Our HoF members get custom artwork put on the site of themselves, and in the mail they will receive a Hall of Fame Plaque & Shirt from FSN. So if you happen to pass these folks in FSN, be sure to give them a hello!


This fine gentleman is a scholar of the puns. The most legendary wit in all the land! But seriouslyu. Finn has been since his first day in FSN, an example for all members. He has ventured far and wide in FSN trying a myriad of activities and businesses, and he continues to have that spirit of adventure to this day. He can commonly be found giving advice, trying to solve the mystery Kahoot, and of course throwing in just the right amount of witty gifs to any conversation. It has been an honor and a pleasure to get to know him and watch him grow in FSN, and we look forward to all of the fun times ahead!
November 2020

Whether he's busy telling you about his next grand scheme, shooting some selfies in his big expensive tractors, or giving some candid advice. There's no doubt you'll find him milling around FSN on the daily. He works his but off out in the real world, and then he doubles down working his butt off in the virtual world. He's been known to go a round or two with Hans from time to time, but they've always been able to both leave the conversation with respect and a bit of laughter. He has been a pinnacle to show that players of all types from all backgrounds can be a success story here, and they can be a positive influence on others too!
October 2020

Crush. Where do we begin! He's had his moments, and had quite the bold start as a contractor with 4 million in debt. But he has not only managed to weasel in new rules to FSN for his early antics, but has also managed to work his way into all of our hearts. He is a great provider of work to new and old members alike, and is a wonderful advocate for everything we believe in here at FSN. We look forward to him continuing the legacy of Breakneck farms well into the future, as he becomes a staple of the sugarcane and other absolutely painful work processes!
September 2020

Shady has been an absolute staple in the community since the day he joined. From the moment he got in, he was nothing but helpful to everyone he encountered, and he truly embodies being an ambassador for good and representing the ethics that we find special here at FSN. He has helped out through hundreds of hours working with other members in a player and staff capacity, as well as helping to manage our Onboarding department. Just don't offer him a beer, as tea is the way of the day for this awesome fellow. Be sure to give him a shout when you see him, and thank him for his countless and unending contributions to keep this community alive and flourishing. Thank you Alex, we are so thankful to have you!
August 2020

Joe, commonly known as SalvageDiver, or to those who get on his bad side, SAVAGEdiver, has been a longstanding member of FSN, having joined us in the very first days of it's existence in late May of 2019. Since then he has grown his FSN career across multiple maps and currently resides on server 24. He has been an upstanding member for a long time, and has not only the honor of being FSN's oldest player farm, but also being a Hall of Famer! When he's not farming he's spending time with his awesome family or tooling around in his Ford Raptor. Thanks for being an awesome member and contributor to this community Joe, we all appreciate you! Dive on!
July 2020
Olav Emil

Having joined FSN in March of 2020, Olav has become a staple in the FSN community. He can always be found greeting new folks, and is the go-to authority for question answering in our questions channel. He as of June 2020 is doing a wonderful job managing the Wiki Department for FSN and ensuring that knowledge about how FSN works and what we require in FSN is found easily and efficiently by members seeking information. Along with being a great contributor to the community, he has shown himself to be an absolute model citizen within the FSN community both as a contractor and as a farmer. We are happy to make him the first official FSN Hall of Famer, and want to give him our most sincere congratulations!
June 2020

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