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Registrations: 12107
Farmable Acreage: 639958.14
Owned Land NAV: $1,424,670,968.00
Acres Harvested: 221226.87
Contracts Completed: 402290


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LIVE Happenings
TheArchitect00 with Bluebell Ranch has completed a contract number 402267 offered by FSN Customs Agency
cdag2453 placed a bid of $648,000.00 on auction #10947 on behalf of Dagley Farms
SimpleJack with H-H-H Dairy has completed a contract number 401963 offered by Whispering Pines
FarmerAsh with Grays Agricultural has created a warehouse in Jeddah - Saudi-Arabia
Alaaarm with Canolian Cruiser has created a warehouse in Ulan Bator - Mongolia
amy_2017_samuel with Ads Farm has just sold 227431 of soy on Promised Lands.

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